Ranging from Mid century modern furniture to victorian, our furniture store has a unique vintage furniture collection. We specialize in completely refurbished antique furniture and abstract art.  Not only does our vintage furniture store feature carefully curated abstract art, it is home to our Interior Design Firm.

Before filling your home with matchy-matchy big box design store décor, consider an integrated approach to interior design. Inject energy and character, be eco-friendly and create a home that is timeless with refurbished historical styles while recycling. Come shop our unique vintage furniture store, abstract art gallery and ask about our affordable interior design services.

Interior Design is my passion, and I feel designing a room using refurbished, unique vintage finds creates high style that is all your own. An eclectic décor of mixing antique furniture styles is the wave of the future rooted in the idea of curating a livable yet beautiful home with character. Investing in antique furniture assures you will have a trend proof home, while inherently recycling. Refurbished historical pieces can add texture, energy and personality to even the most modern or contemporary decor. In fact, it is the contemporary room that benefits most from a few of our special vintage furniture store relics.

Finding unique furniture to mix in and complete your contemporary room isn't always so easy, but we have your back. We get a charge out of the process of waking up at the crack of dawn to hit up not so local auctions and fleas. Flipping Vintage carefully considers the potential of an item and how it can enhance your décor.  Recycling used furniture may not seem so glamorous, but with a creative mind, the end result puts a spin on what modern furniture is. Buying vintage furniture doesn't just help create warm domestic bliss; it extends an already impressive life cycle.

Mixing refurbished vintage furniture styles that have been rescued and redesigned is something I have always enjoyed in interior design.  A sucessful eclectic décor often includes an infusion of multi-media abstract art. A harmony considered achieved with the atmosphere here at Flipping Vintage. If you are looking to feather your nest, come see Williamsburg Brooklyn's hot spot for recycling refurbished historical styles. We are a tasteful tangle of refurbished antique furniture, abstract art gallery and a professional interior design division.

Joshua Felix, Co-founder & Interior Designer

Our gallery at 224 Roebling has closed as of 6/1/15. 

We are forever grateful to all of our followers, supporters and valued customers.